As our family works towards moving overseas, it is very important to us that we do not go alone. Our prayer is that we will have an established community that will walk this journey with us, and we have multiple ways that you can become personally involved. Not only will you be supporting our family, but you will become invested in the fight to end sex trafficking and exploitation in Thailand!


Join the Prayer Team

This team of on-call prayer warriors will be responsible for interceding on behalf of us and our ministry. In addition to regular prayer, we will also send out urgent requests through email to be covered, and have all day sign-up times for ministry events, such as Christmas outreach.



One of the most practical ways that you can make a difference is by giving towards our many financial needs, including plane tickets, legal and visa fees, remote office equipment, and homeschooling resources. After much prayer and research, we have established a fundraising goal of $15,000 in one-time relocation costs, and $1,000 in recurring monthly support. We humbly ask that you consider investing in our mission financially, and are happy to announce that we can now accept tax-deductible donations online! Donations can be made one-time or on a recurring basis following these steps:

  • Step 1: Click the Donate button

  • Step 2: Make sure to include the Account Designation Code Thai-Bndk.BLB

  • Step 3: Follow steps to finish donation process

Processing Fees:

  • Mailed Checks - no fee

  • Bank Draft - 0.5% + $0.35/transaction

  • Credit Cards - 2.95% + $0.25/transaction

  • PayPal - 2.2% + $0.30/transaction

Relocation Fundraising Goal
$9798.66 $15,000
Monthly Support
$535 $1,000

Invite us

We would love to visit your church, life/community/Bible study group, workplace, school, or family gathering to share more about our story first hand, the problems facing Thailand and the ministry today, and how your group can become involved. If you are passionate about ending sex trafficking and exploitation, we would love for you to partner with us!