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Motherhood Hurts My Face

"For as long as I can remember, I have had annoying "bad habits". Or at least, that's what I called them. The earliest one I can remember was pushing the lower part of my jaw out (think Bubba, from Forrest Gump). I did it constantly, and my family made fun of me sometimes, but it didn't really bother me, and eventually it went away. Any time one faded, though, another sprang up in its place."

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What Surprised Me About Breastfeeding

"Leading up to my son's birth I was very excited about the idea of breastfeeding. I took the class, read health articles, and drew on the experiences of my friends and my mom. I was a little nervous, worried that my history with hyperthyroidism could affect my milk supply. However, in the end I decided not to dwell on it and just focus on being excited for the bonding experience. Suffice it to say, once it actually came time to breastfeed everything I thought I knew went out the window."

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