Go or Give


As a former missionary kid, I believe strongly that missions is not just for the few that are called, but for EVERYONE. There are two ways to get involved: Go or Give.

As Christians, our call to preach the good news and help those in need is not dependent on any government, and God will equip us to do the work regardless of circumstance. I guess what I'm trying to say is:

If your heart breaks for refugees, Go or Give. Volunteer to help on the border of Syria or give to relief efforts through a ministry you trust, such as A21 (www.a21.org) or World Help (www.worldhelp.net).

If you seek to end human trafficking, Go or Give. Visit a safehouse locally or globally, or give to people called to do the hard work every day through ministries like Freedom 4/24 (www.freedom424.org).

If the tragedy of almost 60 million babies lost to abortion leaves you feeling helpless, Go or Give! The list goes on and on and on. This world is broken, and people will always be in need, which means the church must always be on mission. Don't be that guy, the social media justice warrior only. 😉 Awareness is important, but is only effective when paired with action.

Our family spent over 10 years ministering in Thailand, but we could have never done so without our financial supporters and prayer warriors. That's because people who knew our story decided that since they weren't called to Go, they had no choice but to Give.

Go or Give, or both, and watch God do amazing things.