Adventure Entry, "Evening on the Lake"

As Brian and I contemplated our vacation options this year, we realized two important things: 1. We didn't have the money to splurge on a fancy getaway, and 2. We wouldn't really be able to rest if we didn't bring babysitters with us. Thankfully, I have the most wonderful family in the world, so three of my siblings, my mom, a brother-in-law and exchange student made our way up to Chestertown, NY, where Brian's Mimi graciously let us stay in her lake house. 

There is something about lakes that are so soul refreshing. Whether we were laughing so much our faces hurt as we were water tubing, kayaking when the water was calm and the sun was setting, fishing over the edge of the dock, taking the pontoon boat out for a ride, or playing games way too late into the night, I could just feel my stress melting away. There was no time to worry when my days were filled up with quality time with the people I love most dearly. 

As with most vacations, I try not to have my camera out all the time, choosing to rest as much as possible. On our last night, however, I broke it out to document us resting on the pontoon boat with red wine and fishing poles at sunset...