A Case For Rain

Declan, enjoying the rain with me today.

Declan, enjoying the rain with me today.

Hear me out. I know rain isn't the best weather for working on a tan or hanging out at the park, but there are plenty of reasons why rain isn't as bad as you think. It got me thinking as a thunderstorm hit our side of Lynchburg, and I thought I would share. Here are 10 reasons why I love rain, and why you should too:

1. Rain acts as a natural saturation filter for the rest of the world, no Instagram needed. Your eyes do not deceive you, my friend! The greens really are that much greener when it rains. Since green is my favorite color, it is especially pleasing for me.

2. The smell of the ground when it first starts raining. My preference is the earthy smell of rain hitting and making dust rise, but if you didn't grow up with dirt roads, asphalt will do.

3. The pure, wild, uninhibited feeling of freedom that accompanies running in the rain on purpose. If you didn't get to do this as a kid, you haven't missed out yet. Choose a non-lightning kind of rainy day, and just be careful of "hard" rain that pelts you too much in the face, because that might ruin the experience. If you have access to a big backyard, run barefoot around your house in the grass. You might feel like a crazy person, but that's half the point anyway, and it will be worth it.

4. The relaxing sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window, best paired with a good book and cup of coffee. Most people would agree that this sounds amazing. As a side-note, growing up in Thailand the sound of rain hitting a tin roof was almost deafening and yet surprisingly was one of the most calming sounds at the same time, ensuring a blissful night's sleep. Note: any rainy day books you recommend? Leave ideas in the comment section for me!

5. Rain is the most romantic of weathers. There is nothing quite like getting stuck inside, huddled together for warmth, in front of a fire wrapped in a blanket. Sunshine is great, but the most tear-inducing romantic movie scenes happen in the rain for a reason.

6. Rain breathes life into hot and dry places. It can be easy to forget during the colder months, but when it gets really hot, rain provides a much needed relief from the heat. As for dryness, allow me to get serious for a moment, and refer to a drought that is affecting people in Ethiopia right now, causing over 10 million to be at risk for disease and malnutrition. In an area that we affectionately nickname "Drenchburg", before we complain, let's not forget that too much rain is, quite literally, a first world problem.

Photo by     Aida Muluneh

Photo by Aida Muluneh

7. Rainy days in with family are the best times to start new traditions. So what if you can't go outside? Get your family (or close friends) together, ban smart phones, and make laughter filled memories instead. Bake some cookies. Break out cheesy board games. Work on a way-too-complicated puzzle.

8. Rainy days are also the best time to get busy cleaning. Got loads of laundry you haven't had time to complete because you're running around buying groceries or watching your kid's soccer game? Rain's got you covered. 

9. Without rain, we would never have rainbows! A sign of God's promise towards his people, anytime a rainbow appears it is a tangible picture to me of how God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

10. Rain makes beautiful things grow. Winter is getting ready to end here soon, and I can't wait to see fresh little flowers push their way through the dirt, thanks to healthy amounts of rain. It is not only pretty to look at and appreciate, but it reminds me of God's grace in my life and how he brought me from death to life. 

What do you think? If you're like me, you can't help but be thankful for rain and all that it entails, clunky umbrellas, wet socks, muddy shoes, frizzy hair and all.