Dear Poppyseed

I recently had the privilege of guest blogging for The Motherhood Collective, a non-profit organization with a mission to "nurture the mother to grow the child" by connecting women with their communities and advocating for a societal change in maternal health. I was so honored to be able to write for them, sharing a little of my first pregnancy story. Female infertility and loss can be such an isolating struggle, but I realized I was not alone, and there are others who understand and care. If you resonate with my story, The Motherhood Collective offers a grief support group if you need a safe and encouraging place to tell your own. 

“The other day I decided to organize the spices in the pantry because anytime I needed an ingredient I had to go rummaging through them all, trying to find what I needed that hadn’t expired yet. I came across a little jar of poppyseeds, and I wondered: should Daddy and I have given you a proper name? When I was pregnant with you, an app on my phone compared your size to a poppyseed and we loved that so much, the nickname stuck. When you went to heaven several weeks later, you had literally outgrown that name but in my heart I could call you by nothing else. Thankfully, proper names don’t matter in heaven, so I am sure you would have forgiven me.”

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